What is a virtual fax and why should you use it?

What is a virtual fax and why should you use it?

Virtual fax, or sometimes called Internet Fax, has become commonplace in thousands of offices worldwide, and its popularity can be attributed to its low cost, ease of use and reliable features. But many offices still do not use Internet services, and actually, many do not actually know what virtual fax is or how it works.

To put it simple, a virtual phone service allows a company to send and receive an almost unlimited number of faxes through the internet connection. Fax lines do not need to be run or installed to fax over the Internet, and they are faster and more reliable than standard fax machines because of their better connections. Businesses using Internetbased fax systems have a professional digital alternative to paper fax.

In order to use a virtual fax system, a company must purchase the service from one of many suppliers. These providers use specialized servers to convert received faxes to digital documents and then send that fax to an email address for the users choice. If a computer user knows how to use email, he or she can easily use a virtual fax system. The low education costs for Internet fax services are an important point of sale for some companies, especially large companies looking for low cost yet appropriate technology investment.

To send Internet fax via a virtual system, the process is simply reversed documents are scanned and sent to the appropriate fax number. The software that manages these features is very simple and secure and can easily be handled by any computer user with a work scanner.

One of the main advantages of virtual faxing is the technologys ability to bridge old technology and new technologies. Getting Internet Fax is easy. And as virtual fax systems use regular number fax numbers, the sender does not need to do anything else. However, the recipient receives the fax as a standard document or a PDF instead of a printed page. This may be beneficial because digital files can be used in a number of ways as paper faxes can not. Searching hundreds of faxes is simplified and takes just a few mouse clicks. Documents can be sent quickly by email and office communication is improved drastically with a virtual fax system. Storage also improves with a virtual fax system, because hundreds of faxes can be saved on a single thumb device. In small offices, this can be a big advantage, as it allows a company to take advantage of space more efficiently.

Because virtual fax systems are installed completely over the Internet, it does not take much time to add multiple lines and does not require too much additional investment. The company providing the service simply adds additional numbers. Separate lines can be set to go to different users on the same system. For example, if a sales department has a common email address, a digital fax line can be set to send to that email address. This feature makes digital fax systems highly flexible and customizable than traditional fax systems, which can easily be unnecessarily complicated, especially when different departments need to share a single fax machine.

Virtual fax services often have security features. Faxes sent to certain rows can be encrypted so that a password is required to open them. This is only possible through certain fax services and with some document types, but it is a very necessary feature for hundreds of companies based on the old fax machine location to ensure security.

Understanding a virtual fax system can take some time and experiment, but the basics of the services are quite simple. They offer a low cost design that is extremely flexible and expandable. Fax management is managed by an external company, which improves uptime and system reliability. New rows can be easily added and digital documents give their users a new range of options that standard fax machines simply can not provide.

Internet service is an exciting new medium for all businesses, and regardless of how a company chooses to use digital faxes, they are a good and inexpensive way to improve functionality. Corporate communication is improved, and more business can be managed simultaneously. With a digital fax system, companies are given new options that help them compete in all industries or markets.

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